How To Break Down A Woman’s Resistance

By:   / Updated: November 27, 2018

When you first approach a woman she will usually build barriers that will make her resist you and any hope you may have of getting to know her. However, there are certain techniques that you can use to overcome these barriers. They are the following:

1) The Power Of Touching – Touching is one of the most powerful techniques of reaching out to others. It is so powerful that it is one of the very best ways to get close to a woman. I don’t mean touching in a vulgar, dirty way. Instead, a way that is warm and very intimate.

You can observe the power of touching on T.V. when a minister on a healing program touches people who are sick and then they feel are healed. Is it real or is the touch so powerful that they feel they are healed? It proves how strong the power of touching can be.

Some of the ways touching can be used are offering her your arm as you walk to the car or as you walk to the bar for a drink. Another nice gesture that would really melt a girls heart is to hold her hand while walking. This is a romantic gesture and would really melt the coldest heart.

2) Smile – When you approach a woman you would like to meet always put on a smile. A smile will do more than you can imagine in trying to meet a woman. A beautiful woman once told me that a smile from a homely looking man would give him a better chance than a frown from a handsome man. So many men today approach a good-looking girl with a frown on their face. How can they expect to get anywhere with a beautiful woman with a horrible looking frown? Try to smile next time you approach a woman. You’ll be surprised at the results.

3) Use Her Name – Nothing establishes mutual trust and admiration more than the sound of ones own name. Use the girl’s name often while you are talking to her. If you use her name a lot she will feel more important and appreciated. Using her name will make you seem like two old friends instead of two strangers. Try it next time you are talking to a woman.

Touching, smiling, and the frequent use a girl’s name will help tear down her barriers and melt with distance when you first meet her. These suggestions will help you turn complete strangers into friends, perhaps lovers.

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